Are you tired of pushy peddlers at your door?

Summer months are upon us, which means pesky door-to-door solicitors are creeping back onto your neighborhood streets. Some people must be excited to see these folks, after all, companies still send them out! Most people, however, dread the ring of the doorbell. Solicitors have a knack for waking sleeping babies and driving dogs crazy. How do you get rid of the door-to-door solicitor, once and for all? We have a plan for that! Sign up for the No Knock List to block the knock on your front door!

Created in 2008, the Town’s No Knock List allows homeowners to opt out of door-to-door solicitation and sales. Town Code prohibits solicitors from knocking on your door if your address is registered on the No Knock List, or if you display either a No Knock sticker or No Soliciting sign. This a simple and effective way to deter most door-to-door solicitors. Please keep in mind, the No Knock List does not prohibit the practice of hanging door hangers or fliers. It only prohibits solicitors from attempting to make contact with residents by knocking on doors. Also, canvassers, such as religious or political groups, and noncommercial solicitors, such as schools, Boy or Girl scouts are exempt from the No Knock ordinance.

Registering your home is simple. Visit, complete a brief form, and a No Knock sticker will be mailed to you; please display it near your front door. Need a replacement No Knock sticker? Use this link to request a replacement, and one will be mailed to you. Questions? Contact Assistant Town Clerk, Robbie Schonher, at

Sometimes, a determined salesperson may still choose to knock on your door. If you are having issues with a solicitor, you may report it to the Castle Rock Police non-emergency line at 303-663-6100 while the solicitor is still in your neighborhood. Be prepared to share information such as the individual or business name, badge number, type of vehicle and license plate number. Police officer’s attempt to make contact, if nearby. Remember, you are not obligated to open your door for everyone that shows up – stay safe and don’t let solicitors ruin your day!