Hot Weather Pet Safety Tips – A Friendly Reminder for Castle Rock Residents

Hot Weather Pet Safety Tips

As the heat cranks up this summer, our four-legged friends need a little TLC. They rely on you to keep them healthy and happy. Read below for some great tips on keeping your pet safe in the summer sun!

  • Pets require protection from the wind, rain and sun. Shelter, shade and fresh, clean water should be provided to animals who may be outdoors in warmer temperatures. When possible, please keep pets inside where it’s safest.
  • Don’t let summer fun get ruined because of un-scooped poop! Dog poop smells and stepping in poop is not During hot summer months, dog poop can be especially unpleasant. Why? The summer heat and humidity accelerate the smell of dog poop, so please – pick it up!
  • When it comes to vocalizing dogs, the general rule is – the warmer the weather, the more dogs will bark. And, you expect to hear more barking in warmer weather, because pets are more likely to be outside and you are more likely to have your windows open. To preserve the peace in your neighborhood, please keep your pets quiet; noise is considered excessive after just ten (10) minutes.
  • No matter how tempting it may be, or how quickly you think you may run into a store, never leave your pet in a car – even with the windows cracked. In a matter of minutes, the inside temperature of a vehicle can soar to 120 degrees.
  • Does your pet’s tail wag the moment he/she sees you holding a leash? Most pets love being rewarded with a walk and they are required to be on a leash (ten feet or less) when they are off your property. Keeping your pet leashed is also a good neighbor policy because it prevents them from trespassing on the neighbor’s property during your walk. The use of a leash benefits you, your neighbors, and your pet.
  • Try not to overdo it when exercising with your pet this summer. If you typically walk your dog, be sure it’s during the coolest part of the day (early morning or late evening). Pads on the feet of your pet can burn with hot pavement; test the street or sidewalk by putting your bare hand or foot on it to make sure it’s cool enough for your pet.
  • Do you have a four-legged escape artist? During the summer, many pets escape when gates are open for gardening or landscaping. Pets that suffer from anxiety or thunder phobia can be driven to escape because of their panic, so it is important to be mindful of how loud “booms” from thunderstorms or fireworks can affect your pet. To increase the chances of recovering your pet after an escape, please make sure they are microchipped and wear their collars and tags.

Remember these tips and you and your pet will safely enjoy the summer. For more information about animal care and control in Castle Rock, view the Municipal Code: Animal Control. 🐾