Before you Deck the Halls!

Before You Deck the Halls – Check Your Association’s Guidelines!

Now that Thanksgiving and the turkey leftovers have come and gone, it’s time to dig out that tangled ball of holiday lights and dress up your home. Decking the halls with seasonal ornaments is an easy way to share holiday joy with your friends and neighbors.  Some neighborhoods prefer modest touches and others sponsor full-on contests.  There’s always one house on the block that goes Christmas-lights crazy or one that does not remove their decorations until far into the new year.

 Town Code allows temporary holiday/decorative lighting displays for not longer than two consecutive months per year; however, many neighborhoods have restrictions that go beyond our Town Codes.  So, before you scurry up the ladder to hang the decorative lights along the side of your roof, you may want to take a quick peek at your Association’s governing documents for any rules pertaining to outdoor decorations.  Whether your holiday sparkle comes in the form of simple lights or an elaborate display, we wish you joy and peace during this holiday season!